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Privately owned and based in Zielona Gora, Poland, the company was founded in 2010. TESTAL began its operation in the telecommunications sector by planning base stations for cellular operators.

In 2012 we signed a field maintenance agreement with a leading german mobile brand. Since then we’ve been providing emergency and general upkeep services on transceiver stations in north German.

2016 saw TESTAL enter the polish telecom market, offering full array of works.

W e have specialized in project design of communication towers and other wireless infrastructure to enable the connection between networks and the communities that rely on their services. Our clients are leading companies within the German telecommunications market. Over 1100 executed projects and satisfied trade partners are the fruit of heavy work, continuous development and the uptake of new challenges.

A wide range of skilled employees allows us to expand our activity to another sectors of activity namely designing all kinds of steel, reinforced concrete and wood constructions, among others free-standing balconies, fences, carports, reinforced concrete ceilings, foundations and many more. We use all of the essential CAD 2D/3D design software and advanced project instruments.

T he scope of our services includes comprehensive architectural design of residential, tertiary, industrial and others. Our range of projects starts from concept to obtaining a permit on structure for the executive project until commission of building. We restore and recover documentation, carry out stock-taking and adapt for new function. If you have any prospective project on the Polish or German market, we remain at your disposal to discuss your needs further.


-Garden projects
-Energy-efficient single family houses
-Traditional single family houses
-Wooden single family houses
-Modern single family houses
-Energy Performance Certificates


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