Our main goal during architectural design is to create a unique and original building, which will make our Investors proud and sustain the needs of people who will live in it.

We take into consideration many factors such as special circumstances and conditions relating to the developed space in the course of the design process.

We base our work on applicable acts of local and state law such as the local spatial development plan, zoning, and protection of Restorer needs of future users, maintenance costs, neighborhood and sustainable development.

We are eager to use some of our bold and innovative solutions, which will reflect latest technology balanced with traditional construction.

The range of our services is to prepare:

1. Private Construction Projects
  • Design of residential single and multi-family buildings,
  • Land development plan,
  • Design service facilities,
  • Design of industrial facilities,
  • Urban design projects.

2. Adaptation of finished projects.

3. We are also drawing up an inventory of existing facilities, reproduction of documents and projects of adaptation to new functions.

4. We are able to provide comprehensive and professional service construction projects, which includes:
  • Architectural design,
  • Construction design,
  • Industrial projects (electrical, plumbing, central heating),
  • Certificates and energy certificates, together with counseling,
  • Projects od internal design and its visualization.

5. In addition, we will take care of all the formalities associated with obtaining:
  • Zoning,
  • The conditions for connection to the power grid, gas, water,
  • A building permit.



-Garden projects
-Energy-efficient single family houses
-Traditional single family houses
-Wooden single family houses
-Modern single family houses
-Energy Performance Certificates


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