Structural Designing

Our design office is also involved in preparation of structural design in different technologies. Our range includes among other structures, such as:

  • ceilings rib-and-slab floor, monolithic and others,
  • reinforced concrete columns,
  • foundations (feet, benches, plates),
  • joists and beams of reinforced concrete,
  • steel structures,
  • composite floors,
  • truss and wooden ceilings,
  • car poles and garden arbors.

While modeling we spatially optimize the solutions adopted, ensuring cost-effectiveness and simplicity of execution. We design structures out of steel, concrete and wood. Design construction of residential buildings, industrial, public utilities. We also design special constructions, substructure machinery and equipment. The scope of our projects are: construction projects and implementing projects parts, workshop designs, expertise and technical opinions.

Note: We design projects for architectural offices. We design and implementation workshop for contractors.



-Garden projects
-Energy-efficient single family houses
-Traditional single family houses
-Wooden single family houses
-Modern single family houses
-Energy Performance Certificates


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