Telecommunication and Mobile Internet

Thanks to our experience in telecommunication designs on the German market, we are confident in our ability to suit any project you may have. The scope of our services includes integration of the Base Station for main frequency.

The design process consists of:


Analizing and updating existing documentation


Adjusting new telecommunication equipment to existing infrastructure; delivering innovative and cost effective solutions in accordance to valid formats


Endurance calculations of communication towers; metal structures in existing ones (Buildings, communication towers and pylons)


Designing metal structures for sustaining antennas


Designing reconstruction of existing premises to the needs of new communication equipment


Development plans in accordance with applicable standards

While making telecommunications designs of Base Stations we focus on adjusting new solutions to establish the situation on the building or tower situation. We pay special attention on minimalizing cost of investment in new telecommunication equipment. No less important for us is the fact that telecommunication system based on radio telecommunications need special accompanying transmitting equipment infrastructure which must be located in adapted containers for this purpose or on dedicated supporting structures specially for them, which must provide energy and telecommunications connections which is always taken into our consideration.

Supplementary information

Designed Base Stations must meet high standards which secure nearby people and environment. In additionally numerous laboratory tests and documented researches done by recognized scientific institutions, confirms that the telecommunications antennas emit „ahead”, so the occupants directly under the base station are not in any way exposed to its harmful effects.



-Garden projects
-Energy-efficient single family houses
-Traditional single family houses
-Wooden single family houses
-Modern single family houses
-Energy Performance Certificates


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